ISO 18436-2:2003        
Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines Requirements for training and certification of personnel Part 2: Vibration condition monitoring and diagnostics received an affirmative vote at the FDIS stage, and was affirmed as an international standard. 18436-2 describes a 4-category scheme for certification of vibration analysis personnel who perform condition monitoring and diagnostics. Certification candidates are required to meet prerequisite education, training, and experience, and successfully pass a qualification examination.

Future parts of the 18436 series will include:

Part 1: Requirements for certifying bodies and the certification process

Part 3: Requirements for training bodies

Part 4: Lubrication management and analysis

Part 5: Thermography

Part 6: Diagnostics and prognostics

Part 7: Condition monitoring specialists

Part 8: Balancing

The normative Annex B from 18236-2 Applicable International Standards, is included with this article as an appendix.
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Last changes: May, 2020