EDM - Engineering Data Management Software
EDM supports both Dynamic Signal Analyzer (DSA) and Vibration Data Collector (VDC) modes. These two working modes have a similar look and feel but different functions. The DSA functions focus on the data post processing using spectral analysis techniques while the VDC functions focus on route collection setup, machine signature analysis and trending. In post processing mode, EDM lets you browse through data files and quickly import the data content and attributes of each channel. Time traces can be played back. Cursors and zoom features let you view the signal property details. EDM post processing includes data conditioning, real-time filters, FFT spectral analysis, curve-fit, THD, RMS calculation, octave filters, order tracking, trending and alarms. Displays include time and spectra, waterfall, color-map spectrogram and bode plots. After post processing, data can be exported, or used to generate reports.
Engineering Data Management (EDM) is an integrated suite of software tools from Crystal Instruments for data management and post processing.  It features a single interface for interfacing between the PC and one or more hardware front ends.
The interface provides a visual display with drag and drop, pop-up menus and point and click operations.  The software layout is organized by task using tabs and a ribbon toolbar that is standard in modern Windows.Net software.
The graphic presentation of data is among the best in the industry and fully customizable to meet a wide range of needs.
EDM includes all the features you need to manage and analyze data including cursor tools, reporting functions, data export, powerful post processing of time waveforms and vibration data collection database management.

Last changes: July, 2023
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