Misalignment Costs Time and Money
Shaft misalignment is responsible for up to 50% of all costs related to rotating machinery breakdowns. These breakdowns increase unplanned machinery downtime, resulting in higher maintenance costs and loss of production. Additionally, misaligned shafts can increase vibration levels and friction, which can significantly increase energy consumption and can cause premature bearing failures.
Laser shaft alignment methods are a marked improvement on traditional ones. A laser shaft alignment tool facilitates a quicker and more accurate alignment than traditional methods. The tools, combine simplicity with a high degree of accuracy. They feature a three-step process for correcting alignment: Measuring, Aligning and Documenting.

Accurate shaft alignment can help you:
- Increase bearing life
- Reduce stress on couplings and thereby the risk of overheating and breakage
- Reduce wear on seals, helping to prevent contamination and lubricant leakage
- Reduce friction and thereby energy consumption
- Reduce noise and vibration
- Increase machinery uptime, efficiency and productivity
- Reduce costs of replacing components and machinery downtim
Traditional shaft alignment methods, although very common, do not often produce the exacting degree of accuracy required by today's precision machinery. The rough alignment methods still used nowadays, such as using a straight edge and feeler gauge, may be quick, but they can be inaccurate. Another traditional method employing dial indicators offers a higher degree of accuracy, but it requires specialist operators and can be time consuming.
Last changes: July, 2023
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