• Positioned to deal with four related market segments: dynamic signal analyzer, data recorder, machine data collector and time domain data acquisition systems
  • Provides lab quality performance with field use portability. No other products in the market can do the same
  • Strong advantage over PC-Tethered Instruments
  • Battery powered, long battery hours, no cooling fan
  • Long waveform recording: Replacing the SONY and TEAC recorders
  • Simultaneously provides both dynamic data recording and real-time signal analysis capabilities
  • Unique hardware technology offers 130dB dynamic range, which eliminates the input range setting. Only B&K DynX offer such high dynamic range. B&Ks are not handheld standalone instruments
  • Modern hardware interface: Ethernet, SD Card, USB, Wireless, Headphone, Mic, Speakerphone. Most others only have part of these interfaces
  • ASAM-ODS format: the only handheld instrument supporting this data format
  • Complete suite of dynamic signal analysis software functions that fully compete against OROS, Agilent, LMS, DP, Onno Sokki etc..: FFT, FRF, transient capture, histogram, order tracking, octave, sound level meter, limiting test, swept sine, real-time digital filters
  • CSA: Configurable Signal Analysis = implementing (LabView+MatLab) on a handheld instrument
  • Free basic host software for data viewing
  • Very reliable: among the first shipped 40 units. None of them are returned for hardware issues
  • High performance data recorder and signal analyzer
  • 2/4/8/16 input channels
  • Sample all input channels simultaneously up to 102.4 kHz
  • 24 bit A/D and D/A
  • 130 dB dynamic range
  • Continuous recording for all channels at full speed
  • FFT sizes up to 14 400
  • Portable: weighs less than 1.7 kg
  • Battery life:  9 hours!
  • Ethernet, USB, SD card and wireless interfaces
  • dynamic signal analyzer
  • data recorder
  • machine data collector
  • time domain data acquisition system
  • noise analyzer

CoCo80-TO-BG-10e.pdf (Bulgarian)
Dynamic Signal Analysis Basics.pdf
Dynamic Signal Analysis Advanced.pdf
Last changes: July, 2023
Information about the old model. Not supported anymore !
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